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Region 1 Update - Important Insurance Information

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As you all know, there's been some discussions regarding the IPMS insurance. In my last update I mentioned that further information will be forthcoming. Well here we are, at the fourth coming!! Attached is the "Official" guidelines everyone needs to know regarding obtaining insurance for your event. It effects every IPMS chapter.

If your event is already approved, and listed on the website, you should have made your insurance needs known, and are past this stage. However, from this point foward, you'll find this document VERY important!! Please keep a copy handy for your show committee and Officer Corps. It spells out the correct way in obtaining the insurance. There will be NO deviation from this policy, and any deviation will mean you won't be insured. If there are any questions, please ask. I'll be happy to answer anything you're not sure of. If I can't answer it, I'll get you an answer pronto. It's easy to follow, and could mean the differance in being insured, and not.

You'll be hearing this message a few more times in the next few updates, as everyone needs to be on board with it. "I didn't know" won't get you where you need to be with this, so please, pay attention!! And again, ask if there are any questions!!

We now return you to our regularly scheduled pregramming!!
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Insurance Guidelines

In order for an event to be approved by IPMS/USA and to be considered an officially sanctioned IPMS/USA event, and to be eligible for coverage under the IPMS/USA insurance policy, all of the following conditions must be met.

  • The event must be hosted by a chartered IPMS/USA chapter.
  • If co-hosted, all co-hosts must be a chartered IPMS/USA chapter.
  • The names/logos of the hosting chapters must be the most visible symbols on all documentation regarding the event. This applies to any form of advertising, either digital or hardcopy.
  • Text identifying the hosting chapters must be more prominent than text identifying any supporting non-IPMS/USA group. This applies to any form of advertising, either digital or hardcopy.
  • The terminology “with the assistance of” shall not be permitted to appear on any advertisement or document related to the event, if that wording refers to a non-IPMS/USA entity. The wording that may be used is, “sponsored by”, or “supported by” when reference to a non-IPMS/USA entity needs to be made.
    • A sponsor’s name may be shown on event documentation in such a manner as to clearly indicate that the sponsor is a sponsor only, and clearly not a Host or Co-Host.
    • A sponsor’s logo may be shown on event documentation, but by size and placement, as well as text, must clearly indicate that the sponsor is a sponsor only, and clearly not a Host or Co-Host.
    • A sponsor’s logo should be located on all event documentation in the same area near the text identifying them as a sponsor. (Clearly, a sponsor’s logo and name should not appear at the top of the documentation, or in a font size or image size equal to, or exceeding that of the Host or Co-Hosts.
  • Only the logos of chartered IPMS/USA chapter and sponsoring or supporting entities shall be on any advertisement or documentation related to the event. The logo of the chartered IPMS/USA chapter(s) shall be more prominent and larger than a logo for the sponsoring or supporting entity.
  • “Other insured” must be identified and listed on the Event Submission Form.
    • What or who is an “other insured”? In the case of a mall, the management of the mall usually requires any partnership/owners or mortgage holders to be listed. A community facility, such as a Homeowner’s Association, Lodge, or Homeowner’s Meeting Facility, or a municipal facility owned by a city, usually requires the legal name of the city/town/Homeowner’s Association to be named. School districts often
      require that the legal name of the school district to be listed as an “other insured”. Those club members who are negotiating the use/rental of a facility simply need to ask if the facility management wishes to be listed on the insurance policy.


Host: a chartered IPMS/USA chapter.

Co-Host: a chartered IPMS/USA chapter which partners with one or more other chartered IPMS/USA chapters to organize and execute an event. There is no such thing as a Co-Host of an IPMS/USA event in which any group identified as a Co-Host is not a chartered IPMS/USA chapter.

Sanctioned IPMS Event: Any event hosted or co-hosted by chartered IPMS chapters for which an Event Submission Form has been submitted and approved. This submission process is
accomplished online at
http://www.ipmsusa.org/. Examples include, but are not restricted to the IPMS National Convention, IPMS Regional Conventions, local modeling events hosted by IPMS/USA chartered clubs, Make & Take events hosted by IPMS/USA chartered chapters, and ABC events hosted by IPMS/USA chartered chapters.

Sponsor: an entity which is not an IPMS/USA chapter, but which is providing support, in the form of finances, materials, services, or facilities, to those groups that are defined as a “Host”, “Co-Host” chapter(s) in the planning and execution of an event.

Supporter: an entity which is not an IPMS/USA chapter, but which is providing support, in the
form of finances, materials, services, or facilities, to those groups that are defined as a “Host”, “Co-Host” chapter(s) in the planning and execution of an event.

Other Insured: an entity that, in order for a chartered chapter to rent or use a facility, requires its name, or the names of certain individuals, to appear on the insurance paperwork as “other insured” entities.

Obtaining IPMS Insurance for Your Event

Only Chartered Chapters of IPMS/USA may apply for and obtain IPMS/USA insurance for an officially sanctioned IPMS/USA event.

Working in cooperation with your Regional Coordinator, select a date for your club’s event.

  1. After communicating with your Regional Coordinator and receiving RC approval for your chosen date, point your browser to http://www.ipmsusa.org/ , navigate to the Upcoming Events Page, and click on the Chapter Event Registration Form html link.
  2. Complete the online registration form and be sure to click the “submit” button.

That’s it! You have now initiated an automated process that will, without any additional communication or effort on your part, result in receipt of the IPMS insurance policy for your event, notify the Journal of your event and get your event listed in the Journal’s Upcoming Events Page, and get your event posted on the IPMS Upcoming Events page on the website. The person who submitted the online Event Submission Form will receive an email notification that the above items are all “in progress”.

Details and Behind the Scenes Information

Upon the submission of the online Event Registration Form an automated process is launched. An email is sent to the Director of Local Chapters which displays your submission. The DLC processes the form and forwards copies to the Journal staff, the IPMS Office Manager, the Regional Coordinator for the region in which the event will take place, and also the person who filed the submission with IPMS on the website.

Please note that the insurance policy is not mailed to the club or person who made the submission. The insurance policy, itself, is kept on file by the IPMS National Office Manager. If the facility for your event requires a hard copy of the Certificate of Insurance, please contact the National Office Manager. The Certificates are event specific and must be requested from the insurance company. It is best to give the insurance company 30 days to process the request.

If the facility does not require a hard copy of the certificate then the host chapter does not need to contact the national office manager.

If you have any questions or concerns you may contact:

  1. Your Regional Coordinator (email addy listed on the IPMS website)
  2. The Director of Local Chapters (email addy listed on the IPMS website)
  3. The National Office Manager (email addy listed on the IPMS website)

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