Thursday, November 06, 2008

From the RC-1

Region 1 Update 11-5-08

Hi everyone,

I had hoped to get this out about a week or so ago, but ran into technical difficulties. And speaking of technical difficulties, I’m losing my home computer for a few days. I’ll be able to check e mail each day, but will not have access to my files until I get the machine back from the witch doctor in a few days.

The hot topic this time of year is rechartering. We’re about a month into it, and I haven’t heard about anyone having a problem, so I hope all is well. A few chapters have completed the process, and I’m guessing the rest will be submitting theirs shortly. The deadline is still 31 December, but be early and avoid the last minute rush. And if anyone doesn’t have a fact sheet to work with, has any questions, or needs help, let me know. But don’t miss the deadline!!

Attached, you’ll find an updated Approved Event listing that starts in 2009. If your event isn’t listed, it because I haven't received your chapters request for event approval yet. Contact me for approvals, incorrect listings, omissions, or whatever may be in error. And if I don’t hear from you, it only means I got it right!!!!!
I hear GraniteCon was a blast again. One of these years I have to get up to that one. It’s over five hours from here, and may have to be done as a weekend deal. I know the Mid Hudson show was good this year, as it’s the only one I’ll be able to be at this fall. There were some really nice models on the tables, and of course it rained!! It’s almost a given, if you go to Poughkeepsie, wear a rain coat. You’ll need it!!

Our region is continuing to grow. I hope to be able to announce another chapter joining our ranks shortly. I’ve had discussions with a yet unnamed group about chartering as a chapter. They’ll be a very nice addition to our ranks, and should be on board soon. More to follow……

IPMS is still looking for modelers to join the Reviewers Corps. It’s a cool deal as you get an item to use, build, read, or whatever, then write a review on it, and keep the item when you’re done. I’ve reviewed quite a number of things over the years, and would encourage you to consider it. If you’re interested in participating, contact IPMS 1st Vice President Dave Morrissette, who’s listed on the web site.

Region 1 chapter L.I.A.R.S has a new web site address. Check it out at
http://liarsclub.home.mchsi.com Their old site had been hosted at AOL, but that service has been dropped so they found a new provider. Check it out, it’s good!!
With that, don’t delay in getting your rechartering materials back, with the check!! And as always, please share this with the officers and members of your chapter.

Semper Fi

Doug Hamilton
IPMS/USA Region 1
Approved Events

28 March 2009
IPMS Long Island
Freeport NY

29 March 2009
IPMS Wings and Wheels
Chicopee Mass

4 April 2009 Mosquitocon (Region 2)
Wayne NY

13 April 2009
IPMS Niagara Frontier
Buffalo NY

April 24/25 2009
IPMS Niagara Frontier.
McKinley’s /Clarion Inn
Blasdell NY

19-22 August 2009
IPMS Nationals
Columbus Ohio

4 October 2009
IPMS Stratford
Milford CT

18 October 2009
IPMS Granite State
Nashua New Hampshire

24 October 2009
IPMS Mid Hudson
Poughkeepsie NY

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