Tuesday, January 12, 2010

BPMS Model Pledge 2010

The BPMS seems to be in the middle of a modeling recession (a period of reduced modeling activity). So to help start up the building, The BPMS officers came up with a BPMS stimulus plan. The Model Pledge. All we ask is for all members in the club pledge to build one model in six months. So with the new year starting, we want members to bring in an unstarted model kit in during the January or February meeting. This is the model you plan to build for the pledge. We will make a note of your kit and hope to see it completed in six months. We figure we will start with the February meeting and hold the Modeling Pledge display in August.

We would like everyone in the club to participate. We are not asking for a lot. You can build the model kit, out-of-the-box, or detail it. We don’t even care if you don’t finish the kit, it can be a work in progress. You can even use the model for the next theme contest. But we want everyone to try, after all this is a modeling club. We will be giving out super raffle tickets for those the participate.

  • A completed model gets 5 Super raffle tickets.
  • A uncompleted or work in progress model gets 2 Super raffle tickets.

We may change things during the next few months with the Model Pledge. We will keep everyone updated. The BPMS officers would like all members to build a model for this group project.


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