Monday, May 17, 2010

Bulletin: 05/2010

T H E  M I N U T E S
by Bobby B2 Blue Pokorny
April kept the ball rolling for 2010. We had 27 members who brought in 18 models of which 14 were WIPs. More on that below.

April Meeting
WORK IN PROGRESS NIGHT: Several members brought in what they were working on. We had 14 works in progress and of those 5 were part of our model pledge program. The members each took a couple minutes to discuss what they were working on and their methods.

BASIC SKILLS CLINIC: Charlie Nelson, Frank Colucci and your humble narrator each took turns discussing how we get started on a model project. The areas covered were basic tools, supplies, and methods. Even the veterans of the hobby could’ve learned a couple tips and tricks since everyone has a different way of handling things.

A NEWS BRIEF: The Aberdeen Proving Grounds will be closing down in 2012 and will be moved to Ft. Lee.

40 YEARS OF THE BPMS: I brought up at the meeting that 2010 will mark the 40th Anniversary of the BPMS. We started an exchange on how we should observe this milestone. A dinner is certainly in order. Maybe we should figure out a way to tie in a theme contest. Ideas? Let the officers know!

You can see pics from each meeting either at the Club Website or on Gordon’s blog: http://gmobile17.blogspot.com/

On the agenda: May
CONTEST NIGHT 2ND QTR 2010: This is the second installment of the Quarterly BPMS Annual Contest. That means that any model that you haven’t brought in for a BPMS Quarterly contest is able to compete. Don’t forget to place a contest entry form for each model, and don’t forget to vote!

PARTS BOX NIGHT: Technically, every meeting since Gordon started bringing in the parts bin has been a Parts Box Night, but this month we’re making it more formal. Bring in extra parts you have laying around, or models you’ve scrapped and lay them out for other members to have a grab at. And keep your eyes peeled, that missing part you’ve been looking for might be out there. If you don’t feel like dragging your spare parts back home, feel free to leave them in the parts bin.

T-SHIRTS: The first wave of shirts arrived last month. The BPMS blue and white never looked better! Our t-shirt artist came up with another concept that we’re taking orders for now too. Ask about it at the meeting. Approx. $11 a pop.

TAKE A PART / LEAVE A PART: Gordon will bring in a big basin monthly for “Take a Part / Leave a Part.” Please feel free to toss your spares into the big bin too! Gordon will bring the club parts box back for each meeting for members to add or take away from. This is something we can all benefit from!

GENERATING MONEY: The club will continue to sell magnets and patches and run raffles and to generate some extra money. The reserves for raffles are hitting rock bottom, any donations of recent models would be greatly appreciated! Can we count on you to help fund various activities and sponsorships?

Don't forget, the NAVAL AVIATION TTHEME CONTEST will be in JUNE!!!!
 Our next meeting will be on May 21, 2010.

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