Friday, August 09, 2013

BPMS Bulletin: August 2013

T h e

M i n u t e s

July was another tremendous meeting. We had 26 members who brought in 14 models and a very educational clinic on groundwork.

July Meeting

BUILDING GROUNDWORK CLINIC: Everything looks better with a nice base. If you’ve always wondered how to make some impressive looking groundwork, I hope you took some notes when Jimmy Tissot and Joe Bergman told the group how they get it done. A very educational clinic. Thanks gentlemen.

BBQ NIGHT PART II: It was a bit hot to be out grilling again so Vinny boiled up some dogs. Perfect summertime vittles. Thanks Master Chef!

SWAP NIGHT: Kits were swapped or sold. ‘Murica!

RAFFLE: We had a monthly raffle with an assortment of items. We had something for everyone’s tastes.

TROOP SUPPORT: With Hugh going into retirement Jimmy Tissot volunteered to take over the role as Wounded Warrior Project liaison. He’s gotten reports regarding what models and supplies would be most useful. As always, donations of any models and supplies are welcome. Jimmy mentioned in passing the cost to ship models to Texas, so we collected a couple dollars for a little relief for him which Jeff presented at the last meeting. In addition, Jimmy was hoping to find some more support amongst the group for a raffle to benefit the troops. The idea would be to have a raffle in October of items donated by members and tickets would be $2 each. If donations are numerous enough, we might break it up into TWO raffles. We’ll see. Don Illjes also found out more about a Wounded Warrior outpost at Fort Hamilton. More details to come.

PHOTO ROSTER: Hugh can provide the files and write up the process I use in PowerPoint and PhotoManager to put the pages together. Can anyone take this job over? Contact Bobby or Jeff at the meeting.

On the agenda: August

QUARTERLY CONTEST: Time flies. We’re already up to the third installment of the BPMS Annual Contest. You have another opportunity to rack up votes. If you built something new for the TV Awards Theme Contest, you’re encouraged to bring it back for the annual contest. Also be sure to fill out all your proper paperwork. Without a contest form, your model will not be entered into the contest.

PIZZA NIGHT: Possibly the favorite club activity… Bring yourself and your appetite and make sure you’re up to date with your dues in order to partake in the annual BPMS Feast of August. We just ask that you bring no guests, thank you.  

August meeting:

AUGUST 16, 2012
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Same place!

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