Monday, February 17, 2014

The Bulletin: February, 2014

T h e

M i n u t e s

by Bobby B2 Blue Pokorny

January was an emotional meeting. We had 22 members and no guests who brought in 12 models for the first meeting of 2014.

January Meeting

FRANK TRIPOLI: Frank passed away on New Year’s Eve. He was an all around great guy. He was a wise and patient voice that helped guide the BPMS over many years. So how could we ever possibly repay all his kindness?

To start, we raised $250 for the Wounded Warriors Project in the memory of Frank Tripoli. That’s a really nice acknowledgement of what he meant to us. Thanks!

We voted to rename the annual award for receiving the most votes in the annual contest from Top Gun, to The Frank Tripoli Award.

At the end of the meeting Russ Holcomb volunteered to assume Frank’s old post of Membership Director.

I don’t think we can ever get back to business as usual without Frank’s kind words, but it’s reassuring that we moved quickly to make sure that the club properly remembered one the greatest members we had ever known.

Other Member news: Long time member Phil Benson announced that he’s moving to New Jersey.  James Maroney recently moved to Suffolk County. Bob Alforse (spelling?) passed away in May, 2013.

Model Talk: Each member told us a couple words about the model that were brought in. 

Phil benson: Long time member Phil Benson announced that he’s moving to New Jersey. 

2014 Model Pledge: It’s another year! Have you chosen something to build by OCTOBER so you can ear FIVE extra super raffle tickets? We’re still making the list.  Details below. 

KIT SALE: A good assortment of kits were sold.

RAFFLE: We had a nice assortment of kits, books, and supplies up for raffle. 

TROOP SUPPORT: With Hugh in retirement Jimmy Tissot volunteered to take over the role as Wounded Warrior Project liaison. He’s gotten reports regarding what models and supplies would be most useful. He was recently advised of a hub to ship to closer to home, so that’s good. As always, donations of any models and supplies are welcome.

PHOTO ROSTER: Hugh can provide the files and write up the process I use in PowerPoint and PhotoManager to put the pages together. Can anyone take this job over? Hello? Anyone? Contact Bobby or Jeff at the meeting.

On the agenda: February

Contest NIGHT: This is the first quarter of the BPMS Annual contest. Feel free to bring in any model that hasn’t already been in a quarter contest, and you are encouraged to bring in your entries from the last theme contest!

SHOW US YOUR TOOL: This vulgar sounding activity is more of a simple BPMS tradition. Once a year we ask members to come to the meeting prepared with a tool or method they like to use to make their model building life easier. It could be a new product, something you made yourself, or a different way of tackling a problem. It’s up to you. Please be prepared to tell the group a couple words about what you have. 

RAFFLE: We may have a monthly raffle with an assortment of items depending on time.

Meeting Date:
February 21, 2014

Same Time,
Same Place!

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