Thursday, November 30, 2017

BULLETIN: December 2017

BPMS Bulletin 
by Bobby B2 Blue Pokorny 

November was an excellent meeting. We had 28 members and one guest (Jake) who brought in 32 models, most of which were for the final quarterly contest of 2017. 

November Meeting 

Contest night – 4th Quarter 2017: This was the final installment of the quarterly BPMS Annual Contest. Therefore it was the last chance to try to rack up some votes! Who did the group vote for? Find out in DECEMBER!

Super Raffle: This is the reason why you must fill out your paperwork at each meeting. For every new model you brought in over the course of the year you got ONE SUPER RAFFLE TICKET. We had around 264 tickets in for the year. That was about forty more than 2016. Nice job! Can we beat that in 2018? Also, thank you to everyone who made donations! 

Holiday Luncheon: At the time I am writing this it has yet to occur, but historically it’s always been a blast. Nora’s always has good food and mix that with good friends and it’s an equation for a good time!

Nora’s Park Bench Café

3019 Quentin Rd, 
Brooklyn,  NY 11234 

Saturday, December 2, @ noon.
$40 per person

Raffle: We did NOT have a regular raffle during the meeting. It’ll probably return in December. 

On the agenda: DECEMBER 

PEACEFUL PLASTIC THEME CONTEST: IT’S HERE! The December theme contest is almost upon us! PEACEFUL PLASTIC! Find contest details HERE.
  • Russ Holcomb
  • Tom Knoll
  • Tim Greeman
HOLIDAY DESSERTS: ‘Tis the season! Why not close out the year with your BPMS buddies and some tasty treats? You are cordially invited to bring some sort of dessert or snack or treat to this meeting. Thanks in advance! 

AWARDS CEREMONY: The numbers were crunched. The awards were printed. Now it's time to see who the winners are for 2017!

2018 THEMES: With the December meeting upon us, and the Peaceful Plastic Theme is here, we need to look forward to 2018. Who would like to sponsor a theme for June, and what will it be? Something to consider!

Meeting Date:
December 15, 2017

Same time,
Same place!

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