Friday, February 01, 2019

Bulletin: February 2019


by Bobby B2 Blue Pokorny

The Janury meeting was an impressive way to kick off a new year with the BPMS. The weather was reasonable for January, so we had 26 members and no guests who brought in 18 models for display, and loads up for sale.

January Meeting

NEW REGIME: We had two new faces in the front of the room last month. Our new Prez Tom Knoll and the Veep Tom Govia took the reigns and were prepared with their own material and got off to a stellar start!

NEW MEMBER: Rommel has been to three meetings and showed us his skill-set. We started the New Year off by voting him in for membership. Welcome to the fold!

2019 Model Pledge: Looks like we got this working nicely now! Bring in an unbuilt model between January and APRIL 2019 to declare as your pledge model. Please have it finished for OCTOBER 2019, for a display. After October you may bring back your pledge for the November meeting for the last contest of the year. For your efforts you get an additional FIVE Super Raffle tickets for completing your pledge! Sweet! Easy enough! We already have about one third of the active members signed up. Won’t you join the fun?

KIT SALE: I think we might’ve had one of the biggest kits sales in a long time. There were tons of kits finding new homes during the meeting. Well done!

JUNE THEME: We have a commitment!
50th Anniversary of the Moon Landing
Details HERE.

raffle: We had another raffle with an impressive assortment of prizes. The club is always looking for donations for these activities.

On the agenda: FEBRUARY

Contest NIGHT: This is the first quarter of the BPMS Annual contest. Feel free to bring in any model that hasn’t already been in a quarterly contest, and you are encouraged to bring in your entries from the last theme contest!

SHOW US YOUR TOOL: This vulgar sounding activity is more of a simple BPMS tradition. Once a year we ask members to come to the meeting prepared with a tool or method they like to use to make their model building life easier. It could be a new product, something you made yourself, or a different way of tackling a problem. It’s up to you. Please be prepared to tell the group a couple words about what you have. 

SPOTLIGHT MODELER: This month we learn about one of our newest members, Michael Tricarico!

Introducing Michael Tricarico

In 2018 Michael Tricarico, a 48 year old analyst for NYC Transit, stumbled across a model club in Brooklyn while browsing the web. He came to three meetings, liked the feel of the group and we made him a member.

We know Michael as an avid builder of World War II ships but it hasn’t always been that way. Nearly four decades ago Michael’s father introduced him to the hobby. Back then they built a model of a VW Beetle together to forever set Michael along the path. Michael’s first solo build was the USS Missouri. Since then it’s been some 30+ years of building on and off. His favorite built model would be his 1/700 HMS Hood since his father really loved the way it turned out. A proud moment for any modeler.

Michael developed his skillset, naturally starting by watching his father. More recently we have been blessed with the wealth of resources on the internet, especially YouTube. Of course, you have the greatest gains from practice as he works on his models from a desk in his apartment.  

When Michael needs a diversion from models his other interests are reading, writing, cooking, hockey, photography and collecting Starbucks coffee mugs. But those are merely distractions from the true Hobby Grails which he hopes to see in 1/350 scale plastic one day: the sleek and elegant Brooklyn Class Cruiser and the historic USS Houston which deserves recognition.

Michael has an optimistic outlook on the hobby. While he feels that the current state of the hobby is stagnant, with the plethora of online games (eg: World of Warships) there will certainly be a new draw into the hobby of model building especially with the high quality and detail of the modern kits.

February 15, 2019
Same Time,
Same place!

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