Monday, December 07, 2020

12/03/2020 BPMS Zoom mini meeting report

Seventeen people attended the meeting. In Club news, our charter has been renewed. In industry news, two new releases were reported, a Panzer 3N from Takom and a MiG 29 from some other company. As for in progress and completed work, we saw The Invisible Man (sorry, couldn't resist), Jekyll/Hyde, Lancaster, F 117, MiG 15, P 40 E, B 36 and a 3D printed Mandalorian. Acquisitions included an 8/1 scale human tooth (with interior), Si 204, Taurus SHO and the Wappen Von Hamburg. We heard that two of our local hobby shops, Rudy's in Astoria and Brownie's in Staten Island, are still open. Check the hours before you go. The tool demonstrated this week was Infini's Easycutting Matte. A simple idea but very useful to quickly cut masking tape into straight or curved strips, or other complex shapes. Thanks, Gil. The featured topic, assembly/painting sequences for tracked vehicles was illustrated with photos and live shots. Masking road wheels, with either kit-specific aftermarket masks or a circle template, produces good results and makes painting less tedious. Tracks, particularly multi part, individual, nonworkable links can be tedious, too. Workable tracks in metal, resin or plastic, cost extra but greatly simplify track installation and hey, how much is your time worth? We didn't forget about vinyl tracks and discussed various ways to join and install them. Thanks, Tom and Jimmy. In the last minute (literally) of the meeting we saw the first photo of a quick build contest the Hudson Valley Club organized for Thanksgiving. Thanks, Mark. We'll see the rest of them next week, so don't forget to join us on 12/10/20 at 8 pm. Invites to follow. 


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