Thursday, April 22, 2021

04/22/2021 BPMS Zoom mini meeting - Featured topic: References

Even with a delayed start due to the host's technical problems, sixteen people attended the meeting including a guy who usually avoids virtual meetings. Who, you ask? Well, he may not be famous but he certainly is original. One new release was reported, Minibase's 1/48 Su-33. In progress and completed work included: Galileo 7 shuttle (with added interior), F-105G, Ar-234 (with extensive cockpit detailing), Northrup M-9M flying wing, Panzer 4 F1, Jekyll/Hyde figure, WW1 cavalrymen, AMX 10RC, Trawler, Tatra 97, (Metal Earth) Hopper Car, and Mirage ( with Greek markings). Acquisitions included: Modelcollect's 1/72 Land Battleship (it's big, with 1,068 individual track links), Machination Studio's MB-1 Armored Walker and Velocipede. The featured tool was the seam scraper. Not the blade type, which works well enough, but the specialized type, with multiple cutouts for smoothing joints and shaping precise angles and radii on plastic parts. A simple, useful tool manufactured by several companies. Thanks, Gil. 
The discussion topic was references. Books are still popular sources of inspiration but the good ones aren't cheap and they go out of print too soon, it seems. The internet, YouTube and Facebook Groups dedicated to both prototype and model kit provide a lot of information. Some out-of-print books wind up on the Internet where they can be downloaded. Museums and static displays combined with smartphone cameras give us all the photos we need. Until we get home and realize we missed that critical detail. Films, even black and white help to visualize the completed work. It seems there is no single, perfect reference source. I'm sure we'll revisit this topic in future. Before the meeting closed, it was suggested we have a group built in memory of BPMS member Tim Greenman. Tim was well known for his work with small scale armor so we're asking everyone to build a 1/72 scale tank by August 2021. Details will follow. 
The next meeting is 4/29/21 at 8 pm. invites to follow. Hope to see you there.


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