Sunday, September 12, 2021

Andy Yanchus, longtime BPMS member and a legend in the hobby, passed away on 9/11/21

Sadly a name many will know, Andy Yanchus, died yesterday (ironically 9/11). Andy was Product Manager at Aurora for many years, then went as a colorized for Marvel Comics. He was an expect at many aspects of the hobby and, with Dennis Price, wrote the definitive book on Aurora Monster Scenes.

Unfortunately he had been ill for some time, and had moved from his long-time New York home to stay with his sister Pat in Florida.

RIP Andy, you will be missed by many.

~Matt Irvine
I found these obituaries, each celebrates a field that Andy was a legend in.
Andy was 77 when he passed away. 

I got the distinct pleasure of meeting Andy, and becoming friends with him through the BPMS. Of course, that was back in the Marcy Studios days. When I joined the club I wasn't even 18 yet, and was building mostly sci-fi which was right up Andy's alley. He was very encouraging and offered lots of suggestions and advice. At the time, I had no idea what Andy's accomplishments were, I knew him as the jovial guy with amazing skills and wasn't afraid to share his methods. He was HAPPY to inform anyone who wanted to know how he did things.

As BPMS members, we should always keep in mind that we are very lucky because we are such an inclusive group. Thanks to early members like Joe Turner, who invented the "miscellaneous category" and Andy Yanchus who redefined Science Fiction in the IPMS. Before Andy science fiction was considered Star Trek and Star Wars, and similar. Since Andy enjoyed the entire realm of modeling, he knew full well that building "fringe" items, like Asian mecha kits or even conversions of toys was a skill-set of its own, and not to be belittled. I maintain that when you see model shows TODAY with categories for Gundam / Mecha, that's one of Andy's greatest contributions to the hobby: ACCEPTANCE. We ARE all modelers here, afterall.

I can go on for pages and pages about his accomplishments, but I will leave this here. Andy was an amazing guy, and I bid him a fond farewell. He may be gone, but will NEVER be forgotten. Rest in Peace, Andy.



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