Sunday, February 06, 2022

2/3/22 BPMS Zoom Meeting

Sixteen people attended the meeting. The next lunch meeting will be Saturday, 2/12/22 at Nurnberger Berghaus, 817 Castleton Ave, Staten Island at 12:30 pm. Let me know if you're going so that I can get a head count. Thanks in advance. Lou reports the Nuremberg Toy Fair and the NY Toy Fair have been cancelled for 2022. Shipping is still slow, but watch for Zvezda's 1/35 T-62, ICM's 1/48 B-26 K and Hobby Boss's 1/72 U-2. Frank recalled the Airfix U-2 from the 1980's was a good kit, inexpensive, too. Vaughn asked for advice on cleaning his Paasche Talon airbrush. He got plenty, Vallejo flow improver, Vallejo airbrush cleaner, 91% alcohol, enamel thinner and an ultrasonic cleaner, just to name a few. In progress and completed work included: B-25 (destined to sit on an aftermarket wooden flight deck), Robbie the Robot, Sputnik (a one-day build), SAAB J-21 R (converted from a J-21), FW-190, Frankenstein's monster, Ogre & warrior vignette, L-39 Albatros,
Mil Mi-1, Mil Mi-4, Yak-24 P (Igor did a nice job on the vintage East German kit), D-558 Skystreak and Panzer 4 G. Acquisitions included: M-10 tank destroyer, C-30 Autogyro, MiG-15, YH-41 Seneca, C-130 Hercules, 3D printed ordnance, Duke Hawkins' book on the Phantom (Frank likes it), books on Tigers & 88m flak guns and (saving the big one for last) a 3D printer. Kevin told us about Speedpaints from The Army Painter. These acrylics are specifically thinned to produce realistic shadows and highlights when applied over a white base coat, saving time and reducing frustration. Bobby recommended the Adam Savage's YouTube channel for modelbuilding tips and inspiration. He sent everyone a link after the meeting ended. If you're tired of the Dollar Store, Don found very inexpensive serving trays (remember Joe Turner's wet sanding tip) and chopping pads at Ikea. The featured topic was customer service. Revell Germany, Glencoe and Atlantis got high marks, Dragon was so-so. Eaglemoss didn't do well at all. Next meeting is 2/10/22 at 8pm. Invites to follow. Hope to see you there and at Nurnberger Berghaus on 2/12.
Mythbusters Guy:

I posted the video tutorial for the Speed Paint on our page at FB, but for those that don't take part in that - look here:  https://youtu.be/X6WulQ68mhg


I noticed the IPMS side of the net blowing up about the competition rule change for this years Nats  eliminating OOB, and replacing it with BKB (Basic Kit Build) and thought it may make a future topic.


Kev K


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