Thursday, June 23, 2022

6/21/22 BPMS ZOOM Mini Meeting Report

Featured Discussion - the longest day
Fourteen people attended the meeting. New releases, Takom's  V-1 launch site and Meng's T-72BCM, both in 1/35. Frank reported getting a delivery from Models UA in Ukraine. That's good to hear. It started a conversation about increased shipping charges and how that's changed (or hasn't) our buying habits. Kosta told us about a Tiger 1 look alike he saw at the Museum of American Armor near Old Bethpage Village. He also said Revolutionary and Civil War re-enactments are planned for 0ld Bethpage Village in the next two weeks. See https://www.oldbethpagevillagerestoration.org/ for details. Jerseyfest 2022 is still up in the air according to Kevin. He'll keep us advised. 
In progress and completed work included: Wyatt Earp bust, James Dean bust, Jabba the Hut, Comanche (conversion to production version),  PHM Pegasus, Oliver Hazard Perry class frigate, USS Grenville, Pretorian Guard figure, '63 Nova Station Wagon, Yak -28, Panzer 4 G, Field Marshel Rommel figure, F-84 (Greek markings), Blackburn Buccaneer and P-51 B. Acquisitions included: Krrsantan (Wookiee bounty hunter), RJ McCready bust (from 1982's The Thing), Big Muddy Monster and Lacrosse Mobile Launcher. 
We had tips on straightening resin parts, organizing tools and eliminating seams. I expect we'll revisit these topics in future. There were several interpretations of the longest day theme, from aircraft and people associated with D-Day to submarines, where many long days are spent underwater, to Stonehenge, where they (Druids? Aliens?)  measured the longest day and to those model builds that just go on and on. The next meeting is 6/28/22 at 7:30 pm. Invites to follow. Hope to see you there. 


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