Thursday, August 25, 2022

8/23/22 BPMS Zoon Mini Meeting featured topic - Get Bent!

Featured Discussion: Share tips on bending plastic, metal, and wood. 

The BPMS 50th Anniversary Dinner will be in Brooklyn, on Sunday, October 16 from 1-5pm. Details will follow in a separate email. 

Last week, in addition to enjoying our annual Pizza Night, members at the August in-person meeting participated in the first live-streamed BPMS meeting. It's on the Club's Facebook page. Not bad for a first attempt, and Gordon has several improvements in mind.  
Thirteen people attended the 8/23/22 meeting. New releases, 1/48 F4-U1A and 1/35 King Tiger (early). In progress and completed work included: a pair of   F-15 Strike Eagles (one by Jimmy, one by Frank), 101 Spaceborne figure, T-34, 1/700 SeaKing and Seahawk helicopters (Michael apparently likes a challenge), 1934 Ford Pickup (Mr. K was disappointed by the fit and the instructions), Arsenal VG-36, Hurricane IIC (Portuguese markings) and F-111. Acquisitions included: Olivia Newton-John (as Sandy from Grease - from Pestilence Labs - a portion of the price goes to breast cancer research), RQ-4N Global Hawk and  F-4C Phantom. We got several tips: Flitz Metal Polish also works on plastic and fiberglass, Tamiya Black Panel Liner is good for painting the rubber on tank road wheels, and another way to paint the wearing surface of a tire is to roll the tire through a puddle of paint. 
The featured topic was bending and we saw several tools and methods used to bend metal (mostly): Cold Heat inductive soldering gun, ceramic tweezers, a stepped mandrel designed for modelers, an inexpensive transfer punch set used as mandrels, photo etch bending pliers (from Tamiya and others), bending tools from Mission Models and Hold and Fold, a pair of chisel blades and a glass surface, and handrail/handle jig set (from Trumpeter Master Tools). Next meeting is 8/39/22 at 7:30 pm. Invites to follow. hope to see you there. 



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