Thursday, June 22, 2023

BPMS Zoom Mini Meeting Report: June 20, 2023

Featured Discussion: Most vehicles have mirrors. How do you represent them? How can you avoid them?

Thirteen people attended the meeting. For those who missed last Friday's in- person meeting, Bobby spoke about the response to the "Remember the Members " theme. Nearly 50 models were presented to honor the memory of 4 BPMS members we lost during the quarantine, Joe Barrett, Tim Greeman, Ray Keegan and Andy Yanchus. Look on the club's Facebook page for photos. If you're wondering about the hooks and wires on Mark M's collection of small-scale vehicles, they're there so he can hang them on his personal Christmas tree. Friday was also BBQ night. Thankfully, there are no photos of that. But seriously, the food was great and thanks again for the hard work done by the cooks, servers and clean-up crew. 

Lou reports Trumpeter's 1/32 F8F1B Bearcat and DML's 1/35 Sd. Kfz. 252 Munitions carrier w/ trailer are available. Also, watch for Italeri's 1/32 Machi 202. Mark N shared photos and stories about the AMPS and IPMS chapters in the Hudson Valley. We also shared stories and tips (some worked, some just created new problems) on pest control: fire ants, moles, rabbits, gophers, etc. I only mention this to prove that model builders go outside, from time to time. 

In progress and completed work included: A-6 (with a troublesome tailhook), Corsair and ground crew at Bougainville (Tom modified the figures by heating them over a candle), T-55, Sheridan, Sherman Jumbo, '72 VW van, AE-6, planetary rover (Frank converted a toy), Eagle (Space 1999), B-25, Sherman Calliope, R3-Y2 Tradewind, Dougram (from Fang of the Sun - Bobby's 2-day build) and Bumblebee the Autobot. 

This week's tool was a toenail clipper. Inexpensive and readily available, they're particularly useful for radial cuts. 

Representing mirrors was the featured topic. Silver or chrome paints were the most common method. A leather punch can make round mirrors or headlight reflectors from foil/thin plastic.
Next meeting is Tuesday, 6/27/23 at 7:30. Invites to follow. Hope to see you there.  


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