Thursday, July 13, 2023

BPMS Zoom Mini Meeting: July 11, 2023

Eleven people attended the meeting. There's no Zoom meeting next Tuesday because the July in-person meeting is Friday, 7/21/23.  Doors open around 6, meeting begins around 7:30. Details are in the newsletter, which is in the mail. 
No new releases reported but watch for Squadron's Devastator book and Takom's M-29 Weasel. Michael told us about the Fold 3 website, a repository of military history records and documents, Vaughan told us that V, as in VMF or CV, signifies "heavier than air" and Frank told us Dollar Stores are a good source for inexpensive wood bases.  
In progress and completed work included: E A-6A, Teenage Werewolf, Bigfoot (Kevin's exercise in OSL, Object Source Lighting ), B-25, Zero, Wildcat, Roman Warship (no action/adventure movie spoilers, please), Patlabor Griffon, Baby Yoda, A-6 Intruder, F-14 and Tradewind. Acquisitions included: F-16 D, Moon Maiden, Cleopatra's Last Dance, Marilyn Monroe, Norris-thing/head (from 1982's The Thing), brass toothpicks (from Mig Ammo) and toothpick dispenser (from the Museum of Modern Art's gift shop).
Gil's tool was the app, TRYCOLORS. It works on iPhones, Androids and laptops. It's inexpensive and helpful for mixing colors, determining a color from a photo and identifying manufacturers.
The topic was toothpicks. It was such a rich topic we ran out of time before everyone had a chance to speak (that's why you saw all those post meeting emails). We have used them to mix and apply epoxy glues, to hold small parts for painting (drill a hole, jam the toothpick in), put pupils in eyeballs, detail dials on instrument panels, apply putty, wedge parts for a better fit, remove excess paint from canopy frames, ream/enlarge holes, remove excess liquid cement form plastic, polish plastic, remove excess plastic putty, even after its dry (wet the toothpick first). Some prefer round toothpicks, some prefer square. They both have their uses. Toothpicks can be put into hobby knife holders. Orange sticks, used for manicures, are an alternative to toothpicks, as are bamboo skewers. And don't forget, you can get them in brass now, too. 
Hope to see you at the July meeting. 

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