Saturday, January 06, 2024

BPMS ZOOM Mini Meeting: January 2, 2024!

Featured Discussion: What's your resolution for 2024, buy fewer kits, buy more kits, build something out of the box or what? Tell us what you plan to do. And don't worry, no one will be checking up on you.  

First, my apologies to anyone who wasn't able to join the meeting. Something to do with the waiting room? Troubleshooting suggestions are welcome.
Even so, eleven people managed to sign in, including newcomer Joe U, recently returning to the hobby. 
Incoming President Tom G wished everyone a happy new year and expressed his belief that the club will do well in 2024. 
No industry news this week, but Frank G shared information on a vendor with a large selection of Aurora kits. The good news is that he has a lot of kits. The bad news is that he wants a lot of money for them.
In progress and completed work included: S Tank (Vaughn was surprised that the vinyl tracks on the otherwise excellent 1/72 Trumpeter kit were 1/8" short), 53 Ford pickup, F-8 Crusader, DC-3 (with aftermarket Frontier Airlines livery), Fw-190, Wyatt Erp figure, Nike Hercules, YH-41A and CH-1C Skyhook helicopters. Acquisitions included: Kraken 2 (from film Inner Space), '68 Olds Californian, Rolls Royce Silver Cloud, Autocar Dump Truck, and F-15 (JASDF Aggressor markings). 
The featured tool was an adjustable parallel scriber, U Star UA-900-43, from AliExpress. Sturdy, inexpensive and handy to have around. 
Our new year's resolutions fell into two categories, I will (build better/smarter, be more patient, learn dry brushing, build more, take inventory of my stash, build figures, read more) and I will not (visit eBay for six months, buy more stuff to justify the postage). Did we miss your resolution? If so, share it with the group.
The next meeting is Tuesday, 1/9/24 at 7:30 pm. Invites to follow.  Hope to see you there. 



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