Thursday, March 07, 2024

March 5, 2024 - BPMS Zoom Mini Meeting

Fourteen people attended the meeting. No Tuesday Zoom next week, the in-person meeting is Friday, the 15th, at the Community Center in Brooklyn. Doors open around 6 pm, meeting starts around 7:30. The theme is green models. See the newsletter for more details. 
Noreastcon is Saturday, 3/23/24 at the Freeport Recreation Center.
Congratulations to Frank C for 50 years of IPMS membership.
In-progress and completed work included: Cartoon M4-A1, Hotel Transylvania Wolfman (sculpted by Kevin), Wildcat, Challenger, Schwimmwagen, Silk (3D printed figure), Jaguar (Indian Air Force conversion), 45 mm anti-tank gun and Vickers twin turret tank. Acquisitions included: SdKfz 251-1, flying Taxi (from The Fifth Element), S-67 Blackhawk (resin kit) and Cuthulhu.
Two tools this week. Gil told us about another dollar store find, the shadow switching sponge. Designed to clean makeup brushes, it's also good for cleaning brushes used to apply PanPastels or dry pastels. Bobby told us about a LED light strip and a LED light bar he got from Temu. Small and inexpensive, maybe they're just what you need for your workbench.
The featured topic was what do we look for in a model club. We want friendly, knowledgeable people with similar interests, not overly competitive, not cliquish and no egos. We also want comfortable meeting places with good seating/table arrangements and clubs where people actually build kits and bring them to meetings.
Then we got to talking about BPMS. We liked that it's based on friendship, not hierarchy, liked pizza night and BBQ night, liked to see what people will build next and that there's always time for another question. Kevin summed it when he said there are many places to learn on line, but face to face is better.
Next meeting is Friday, 3/15/24, at the Community Center. No invites needed. Bring something green. Could be a model or could be cash, if you haven't paid your dues yet. Hope to see you there.

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