Thursday, October 24, 2013

Sloppy Seconds Theme Contest: December 20, 2013

Who amongst us hasn’t been totally enthusiastic about at least one of the BPMS Theme Contests to only fall short in the end? Jimmy Tissot and your humble narrator are bringing you a theme contest that you can finally finish that model for a theme contest: SLOPPY SECONDS! The Procrastinator’s Dream Theme!

AIM: Build a model intended for any previous theme.
1997 – Science Fiction
1998 – Israel
1998 – To the Rescue
1999 – Conceptual
2000 – On Patrol
2000 – The Marines
2001 – Humor
2001 – Diorama
2002 – Space
2002 – “Old Model”
2003 – Things With Teeth
2003 - A Moment in Time
2004 – Adversaries
2004 – US Military
2005 - In the Movies
2005 - Cats
2006 – Worn, Weathered, and Working
2006 – Star Wars / Star Trek Anniversaries
2007 – Vintage 1965
2007 – We Mean Business
2008 – Warsaw Pact
2008 – NASA
2009 – A Mad, Mad, Mad Theme Contest
2009 – Size Matters
2010 – Naval Aviation
2010 – Things That Sting
2011 – Monogram
2011 – The Twilight Zone
2012 – 70s
2012 – End of the World
2013 - Television
We figure everyone must have something that went incomplete or back in the stack that was meant to be built for a theme contest. Finish up something you’ve already started. Build the model you really wanted to get done. Execute that idea that you got too late to get done. You probably already have something started in the stack, so this should be a breeze!

Have you gotten all your theme entries done or too new to the BPMS to have incomplete entries? You may have a look at the list and build something that will fall within those criteria for that contest, but please only build models that would’ve been available at that time. (eg, please don’t build the Battlestar Pegasus model for a Sloppy Second of the 1997 Sci-Fi Theme.)

Easy enough and you should already have plenty to build. We ENCOURAGE you to finish off something you started previously for a theme contest rather than buying something new. Now you have an excuse to get it done! Feel free to contact Jimmy or Bobby (or any of the officers) with any questions.

We will also have special awards, for example: for the oldest BPMS theme entry finally completed and the model that could qualify for the most theme contests!

  • Jimmy Tissot
  • Bobby Pokorny
Contest entry form in PDF format

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