Monday, October 07, 2013

Thanks and Farewell to BPMS

A few words from Hugh-

I would like to say a sincere thank you to all the members of the Brooklyn Plastic Modelers Society for making my membership in the club such a great experience. The club does a great job with its regular program of theme contests, special nights, raffles and demonstrations - there was always something of interest at each meeting. However, the outstanding feature of each BPMS meeting is the evidence on display that speaks to a diverse set of modeling interests. Aviation dominates in most IPMS chapters, but the tables at a BPMS meeting held figures, sci-fi, factual space, ships, cars, armor, and paper models. The diversity inspired me to expand my interests into avenues other than aircraft and I've enjoyed the challenges in scratchbuilding sci-fi subjects and my initial attempts at dioramas and ships. Given the wide range in modeling interests, there is an amazing camaraderie that exists across the club and that made each meeting too short, as there was always the desire to talk with someone else before the night was over. I'll miss you guys and hope to get back for the occasional meeting. If you get down to the Gulf Coast, look me up.

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Bobby "the Blue" said...

We'll miss you, too, Hugh. It's been our pleasure to have you as an active member all these years.