Sunday, March 07, 2021

BPMS 03/04/2021 Zoom Mini meeting report

Eighteen people attended the meeting, including a few we haven't seen in a while. Glad to know you guys are holding up. No new kits announced but we did get a glowing recommendation for "USAAF Aircraft weapons of WW2" from Canfora Publishing. Sticking with books, we heard the FSM magazine, "Building and Detailing Aircraft" has an extensive aircraft paint color guide covering various eras and countries. Thanks, Charlie. We saw a lot of in progress and completed work: Fairey Swordfish, He 122, WW1 Cavalrymen, I-16, P-51, OH-6, SH-3, Bf-110 G4, MiG-17 (with a clever way to correct a tail sitter), Fishing Trawler, Me-262 conversion, Hover Truck and a scratch-built Hover Tank that started life as a telephone housing. In the tool session, we the handle from a JLC Combo Saw used to hold photoetch sawblades. Much better than holding the blades with your fingers. We also saw that baseball card sleeves are good for holding photoetch and other delicate items, like the blades of the aforementioned JLC Combo Saw. Thanks, Gil. The featured topic was broken models and DNR (Do Not Repair) Orders. We heard about damage done by overzealous cleaners, pets wanting to get comfortable and glue breaking down. Models with special significance will be completely rebuilt. Maybe not right away but one day. Some will be replaced by the duplicate kit in the stash and wind up as spare parts. The general feeling seems to be, if it broke after others saw it on display, full reconstruction isn't worth the time. Changing topics, we started a discussion thread that went from wargame tables to markings for T-34s to T-34s in the 2012 film "White Tiger" (From Russia, not to be confused with the 2021 movie "White Tiger" from India) and ended with a video on the T-34 (Tank Chats #68 - T34) from the Tank Museum at Bovington. All in all, a fairly typical meeting. The next meeting is 3/11/21 at 8pm. Frank C sent the invites yesterday. He'll will be hosting. Thanks, Frank. 

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