Monday, March 29, 2021

03/25/2021 BPMS Zoom mini meeting report

Fifteen people attended the meeting and they were surprisingly good at Name That Sprue. Any subject, any scale, it didn't matter. Every sprue except one (more later) was identified, Sea Lynx, Jet Ranger, Ekranoplan, Lear Jet, Kingfisher, Typhoon, Avenger, Typhoon, Neanderthal Man, Brumbar, Priest. You get the idea. Maybe we'll see this contest again. One new release reported, Takom's Panther G, early, with zimmerit. In progress and completed work included: MiG 21 bis, Type XXI U-boat, Viggen, Dune Buggy, Metal Earth's Box Car and Gondola, Ford 5 Window Coupe, Galaxie sedan (conversion from Police Interceptor), Fw-189, Junkers G-24, Zeppelin and K Type Blimp (the un-named sprue). Even with that supertanker parked in the Suez Canal, guys are still getting stuff: Border Models' early Tiger 1, Ryefield's Panzer 3 with interior, Legend Productions' Zombie heads, weapons and equipment, Airfix's Spitfire 5C, RS Models' Coudron C-445, Arma's Hurricane Mk 2 B/C and FM-2 Wildcat, ARBA's Ar-581-4, Antares' He-162, Me-262 and Fw-190 Mistel combinations and Academy's pair of T-6 Texans. We heard several helpful hints. Metal leafing glue, intended for gold leaf, can be used to salvage old Bare Metal Foil sheets and Kabuki tape is very good for canopies. And we saw how a jigsaw or a Sawzall can be used to agitate paint bottles and spray cans. You had to see it to understand it. That's why you should join us on 4/1/21 at 8 pm. Invites to follow. hope to see you there.

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