Tuesday, March 23, 2021

03/18/2021 BPMS Zoom mini meeting report

Sixteen people attended the meeting. Two of them were brothers. If you didn't attend, you'll have to guess who they are. One new release was reported, (Ryefield's) Initial Production Tiger 1, with interior. Too many Tigers? Nah, there's always room for more. In progress and completed work included: WW1 cavalrymen, MiG 21 bis, Challenger 2 with enhanced armor and plow, three submarines (Type VII C, Type XXI and Gato Class), Fokker DR-1, Hawker Hurricane, multiple Pz Kw IVs and T 34s (this will be one heck of a wargame table), (Metal Earth) Caboose, Mad Max Interceptor, Ho 229 and two Me 262 variants. Acquisitions include : (Meng) Super Hornet, (Pj Production) pilots with jhmc helmets, (Master Box) zombie hunter and (Academy) PBY 5A. We heard how tail-heavy solid body aircraft can be balanced by drilling out the body and filling the cavities with Liquid Gravity. We saw the new Revell acrylic paint. Actually, we saw the 18 ml container which looks like a tinlet in a box. Expect a review of the paint in a few weeks. However, we did get a detailed review of PanPastel, soft pastels that can be applied like paint or even in place of paint, Gil's Mad Max Interceptor being a case in point. More durable (and more expensive) than chalk pastels, they work well on flat and gloss finishes and come in a number of colors, including metallics. Thanks, Gil. Our next meeting of is 3/25/21 and it marks ONE YEAR of weekly virtual meetings. The first one was 4/2/20. We'll celebrate the anniversary with "Name That Sprue," a memory contest for modelers. Invites to follow. Hope to see you there. 

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