Monday, June 20, 2005

RC1 Update: June 18, 2005


Time for another quicky Region 1 Update.

The big news is the upcoming IPMS Nationals in Atlanta. We're about a month out, so I hope everyone that is going is busy firming up their plans, or working feverishly trying to get that model complete, From what I've been able to gather, this is going to be one of the best events yet. The available vendor tables are sold out, and a waiting list exists for tables, should they become available. The main and secondary hotels are also sold out. I know there are plenty of other hotels in the area, so no one should have to sleep in your car, unless you want to!! I'm looking forward to it, and hope to see a good number of Region 1 folks there. Make sure you look me up to say hey!!

Two Region 1 events have been posted on the IPMS web site in the events section. A good number of pictures from Noreastcon have been posted, compliments of our hosts this year, IPMS Rochester. They really capture the event, and the good time we all had. The second set is from a recent Make and Take hosted by IPMS North Shore. From the looks on the happy faces of the kids, this was a very successful event. These guys ran a great program, and it shows.

Also on the IPMS web site are two things everyone should know about, and participate in. One is the balloting for the constitutional amendment now before the body. It relates to increasing the rechartering fee to $25.00 per year. It's felt that the current fee of $10.00 is too low to cover the costs of the insurance, and the operating costs related to rechartering all the chapters every year. This is the first proposed increase in a hundred years, so everyone should consider a yes vote. Rechartering at $25.00 is still a great deal. The second item is the bio's for the candidates in the upcoming national election. While there is only one candidate for each office, I recommend reading the bios to check out the candidates. I think each one is very qualified for the office they seek, and as an RC, will be happy to work with all them. My predecessor, Jack Kennedy is running for President this time around. I think Jack will make an excellent President of IPMS/USA. As I mentioned, the rest of the slate is also very good, and I know many of them. I'll add here that the election doesn't start until July, but encourage everyone to vote early and often!! Voting for both can be done through the web site.

Now that the summer is nearly here, and modeling will be taking a back seat in many of our lives until fall, I hope everyone has a fun filled, and safe summer. The next update will come to you after the National event, or if breaking news comes my way.

Please share this with the officers and members of your chapter.

Semper Fi

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