Friday, September 30, 2005

RC1 Update: 09/30/2005

Greetings again,

This will be really short!!

The most common question I've been getting the past few days related to the mini-meetings planned for this fall. The answer is yes, there will be two mini-meetings this fall. The first will be held at Syrcon in Syracuse NY on 16 September for all the chapters in the western end of the region. The second one will be held at Baycon on 6 November for all the out-easterners. My sincere thanks to IPMS Syracuse and Bay Colony for allowing me to do these at their events. I hope each chapter in the region sends at least one rep to the meeting closest to them. Or send a rep to both, then compare notes. But do come on down!!

I'm happy to say that all the rechartering materials have gone out to all chapters, and should be in your hands by now.

Please, make it a point to fill it out, and get it back as soon as you can. As IPMS will have new officers in place at the first of the year, it's more imperative that this task accomplished with as much speed and accuracy as possible. It's hoped that all rechartering is complete before our next DLC Dick Montgomery takes office.

On a related note, please be sure to vote in the current IPMS National election. Make your voice heard. It's easy to do by checking into the IPMS web site and following the link.

On CBS News Tuesday night was a report on the on going battle relating to licensing fees charged the kit manufacturers by the defense contractors. In case you missed it, it can be viewed at:
IPMS is playing a role in this issue, and we all need to keep the pressure on our elected officials to let them know how we feel about the issue. If they hear from enough of us, they'll have to take notice. As I've said before, contact your reps in Washington, and let them know, civilly of course, that we're tired of being ripped off!!

That's it for now. Hope to see a good number at the mini-meetings. And as always, please share this with the officers and members of your chapter.
Semper Fi

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