Friday, September 13, 2013

BPMS Bulletin: September 2013

T h e
M i n u t e s

by Judge Baxojayz

August means pizza night which, customarily, has members coming out of the woodworks! We had 21 members and one guest who brought in 18 models to a very fulfilling yet disjointed meeting.

August Meeting

Holiday Dinner: It may seem early but we only have a few meetings before December and we need to consider this sooner than later. The German/Slovak place was washed away by Sandy last year. The Tasty Tavern we went to is out of business. We need new ideas! Keep your eyes open. Someplace reasonably close to the meeting place with a good supply of parking would be ideal. Thanks in advance for your effort!

off kilter: Special circumstances require special handling. Due to the 59th Street Bridge being on fire, your humble narrator had an epic four hour journey to get to the meeting. While buying time for me to get to the BBSC the meeting was run in reverse order. We had a raffle and voted for the third quarterly contest and I arrived right after the pizza did, as if on cue. We held business after eating, which was fine since a gut full of pizza always calms everyone down.

QUARTERLY CONTEST: Time flies! The third installment of the BPMS Annual Contest is in the books. The last contest night, and chance to get votes for 2013, will be in NOVEMBER.

PIZZA NIGHT: Yay BPMS! As usual we made quick work of those tasty Brooklyn style pies! I’m proud of you guys!

RAFFLE: We had a monthly raffle with an assortment of items. We had something for everyone’s tastes.

TROOP SUPPORT: With Hugh going into retirement Jimmy Tissot volunteered to take over the role as Wounded Warrior Project liaison. He’s gotten reports regarding what models and supplies would be most useful. As always, donations of any models and supplies are welcome. Jimmy mentioned in passing the cost to ship models to Texas, so we collected a couple dollars for a little relief for him which Jeff presented at the last meeting. In addition, Jimmy was hoping to find some more support amongst the group for a raffle to benefit the troops. The idea would be to have a raffle in October of items donated by members and tickets would be $2 each. If donations are numerous enough, we might break it up into TWO raffles. We’ll see. Don Illjes also found out more about a Wounded Warrior outpost at Fort Hamilton. More details to come.

PHOTO ROSTER: Hugh can provide the files and write up the process I use in PowerPoint and PhotoManager to put the pages together. Can anyone take this job over? Contact Bobby or Jeff at the meeting.

On the agenda: September

Using pastels and dry brushing on your models: Hosted by Joe Bergman and your humble narrator will demonstrate how we use pastels and dry brushing to achieve various effects on our models. If you would like to chime in, you may want to prepare some words and speak with us before the meeting.

SWAP NIGHT: Bring goodies to swap and sell. Cash would be good to bring too. You never know when a treasure might show up! 

Meeting date:
September 20, 2013

Same time,
Same place.

See you all at the BBSC! 

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