Thursday, November 03, 2022

BPMS Zoom Mini Meeting: 11/1/22

Fifteen people attended the meeting. The 11/18/22 in person meeting will be busy with the Super Raffle and the quarterly contest. Doors open around 6pm. Hope to see you there. It's chapter renewal time. IPMS numbers should email their membership numbers and expiration dates directly to Frank C so he can begin the paperwork. Thanks in advance. 

Fifty thousand people will compete in the NYC Marathon next Sunday. A smaller, but equally dedicated, number will compete in the Turkey Challenge later this month. Registration is closed for the NYC Marathon but the Turkey Challenge is still accepting entries. Contact Mark N directly for details. 

Lou reported AMT's 1/48 Star Wars: A New Hope TIE Fighter and Hobby Boss' 1/72 Scud B and 1/35 BT-2 tank were available now. Xtrakit's 1/72 Saunders-Roe SRA-1 was also noted. In progress and completed work included: F-7 U3 Cutlass, Lysander, F-8 Crusader, C-47, FW-187, F-13, Delphin-1 midget sub and Millenium Falcon. Acquisitions included: 66 Chevy Nova , Crying Freeman bust and a 1/16 4x4 (between the bust and the 4x4 Julo will be plenty busy). In the tool segment, Gil told us about Kimwipes, the low-lint, non-abrasive, absorbent wipes he uses to clean parts before painting and Bobby told us about the Knipex nipper/sprue cutter he recently got. 

In the trick or treat discussion , we asked which kits were disappointments and which were delights. Some complaints were specific, a Minicraft 1/48 F-111 from 20 years ago, an Armored train from a long-gone French manufacturer, Academy's 1/72 F-117 A, Takom's M-3 Lee and AML-60, Atlantic's 57 Cadillac, the early Trumpeter T-55, Sfik T-55, Bandi's Mandalorian figure, Meng's King Tiger and ICM's MiG-25. Other complaints were more general in nature, any kit from Amodel, most kits from Lindberg, any Italeri kit re-boxed by Tamiya, and resin kits from unfamiliar producers. We also remembered problems dealing with Model Airplane Depot. Bandai's Stormtrooper and Kamen rider Zero One figures were singled out as good kits as were Revell Germany's F-16s and Phantoms. Tamiya's Char B1 bis is a personal favorite. 

The next meeting is Tuesday, 11/8/22 at 7:30 pm. Invites to follow. If you or a family member is running the Sunday, have fun and stay safe. 


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