Thursday, November 10, 2022

BPMS Zoom Mini Meeting: 11/08/2022

Thirteen people attended the meeting. No Zoom meeting next week as we meet in person on Friday, 11/18/22.  Be there for the Super Raffle and Quarterly Contest, coffee and, maybe, snacks. Kits to watch for: MiniArt's 1/48 P-47, Tamiya's 1/48 F-35 A, Roden's 1/72 AJ1 Savage, ICM's 1/48 JD1D Invader (w/drone), Trumpeter's 1/48 Mi-4 and reissues of '53 Ford pick-up, '64 Mercury Caliente and '68 Road Runner.
Frank asked about paint color equivalence charts. Mark suggested "Urban's Color Reference Charts" at IPMS Stockholm's site, www.ipmsstockholm.se, and Russ offered to share his hard copy of Humbrol's chart. He also likes the paint conversion chart at www.modelshade.com
In progress and completed work included:  F-7U3 Cutlass (leading to interesting discussions on the aerodynamics of tailless aircraft and metal fatigue in aircraft), Oliver Hazard Perry Class Frigate USS Simpson (with rigging and paper flags, in 1/700), Freedom Class LCS, USS Zumwalt, T-34 (Michael explained how he gets rubber band type tracks to look like individual link tracks), EC-121 RRF-4, Harrier, F-104, Me-163 and Tanker Truck (from the TV Movie, Duel). Gil told us about the "Circular-hole Digging Tool" set he found on aliexpress (GodHand has a similar product but it's more expensive). It can make recessed holes, like a Forstner bit. Gil uses them in a handle from OLFA but other handles may work too. 
The topic was correcting overdone weathering. This can be difficult, if not impossible, depending on paint type (acrylic, enamel, oil, lacquer), color scheme ( single or multicolor) and other materials (pigments, pastels). You might be able to lightly overspray or buff out offending colors or you might live with it and display the model with the bad side out of sight. There's no simple fix, but Tom's simple rule will save you a lot of time and aggravation, "If you're tired, stop working!"
Next in-person BPMS meeting, Friday, 11/18/22, at the Community Center. Doors open around 6pm. No invite needed. 
Thank a Vet this Veterans Day.

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