Saturday, November 26, 2022

11/22/22 (TUESDAY) BPMS Zoom Mini Meeting Report

By now, Thanksgiving 2022 is a memory. Hope your memories of the day were pleasant, even if your teams lost.
Nine people attended the 11/22/22 meeting. IPMS members are reminded to see Frank C's 11/22/22 email concerning proposed revisions to the IPMS Constitution and vote on them on IPMS website before 12/7/22.
Lou reported several new releases: 1972 Ford pickup truck with snowplow (Mobius, 1/25), F-35A (Tamiya 1/35), Type 7 C U-Boat conning tower and deck section (Border 1/35). Figures available separately. The Modeling News has a write up on this kit.
Julio told us about the figure show in Freeport last weekend.
In progress and completed work included: F-7U3 Cutlass (Vaughn is glad it's done, but it sounds like he'd build another if the opportunity arose), Lysander, DC-3 (an unusual subject for Julio), three Wildcats (Michael is comparing the Tamiya, Hobby Boss and Edward kits. BTW, he recommends Pigma Micron pens for marking instrument faces), Marilyn Monroe figure (father and son effort), F-111 C, Hattori Kiriko figure and Me-163. Acquisitions included: 1/144 B-29 (which Mr. K will convert to a B-50 and use the leftover parts to build a XC-97), MiG-31and FA-18A. Inspired by a recent casual reference, this week's tool was The Chopper by NorthWest Shortine. It was surprising to see how many people had this item in their toolbox. Equally surprising, everyone was happy with theirs. Talk of the Constitution gave way to thoughts on behavior, judging, constructive criticism, and the importance of remembering the whole point of the hobby is fun. The next meeting is 11/29/22 at 7:30 pm. Invites to follow. Maybe we'll see photos from the 2022 Turkey Challenge. Mark? 



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