Monday, November 01, 2021

10/28/2021 BPMS Zoom Mini Meeting Report

Fourteen people attended the meeting. New releases from Atlantis: Blue Angels F11F (1/54) and Swivel Stand (ex-Revell - you supply the model). Watch for Tamiya's Stuka w/ bomb trolley, ICM's B-26K and OV-10A and Dream Model's UH-1Y. In progress and completed work included: XF-4U Corsair, A6M2 Zero (the aotake question came up again), Dwayne Johnson figure (white ink Gelly Roll pen used for t-shirt logo), P-38 Lightning, C 130 Hercules (Belgian markings), FW-200 and Ju-52 (Luft Hansa markings), A 7-H Corsair 2 (with impressive Tiger Meet decals), Indian Navy SH-3 Sea King (Frank thanked Bobby for his coffee cup lid suggestion) and WW2 Beetle w/4wd. Acquisitions included: Marleina Dietrich figure, FW-190, 50 BC Roman Warship, Jaguar XKE and Weserflug P-1003. People who attended the Hudson Valley show shared their comments and photos. On a personal note, after more than a year of zoom meetings, it was nice to finally meet the guys from the "North of Brooklyn" sub-chapter of BPMS. Tip of the week #1 , Frank suggested coating Vallejo putty with Mr. Surfacer for better results when sanding. The featured topic was clear parts. Seams can be removed with sanding sticks. 2000 grade Micron Paper (available at auto body shops or on line) also works well. After sanding, polish with Novus #2 (not #1) plastic polish or kid's toothpaste and dip in Future (aka Pledge Floor Gloss). Tip of the week #2, when dipping in Future, lift piece out slowly and dab off excess before setting it down to dry. Future can used as glue, provided you give it several days to set up. But other glues are better for canopies. Gorilla glue, Micro Crystal Clear, MiG ultra-glue, Evergreen Scale Models canopy glue and Pacer Formula 560 canopy glue were recommended. People reported mixed results with Revell Contacta Clear. The next meeting is 11/4/21 at 8 pm. Invites to follow. You don't need invites for lunch at Nora's, but a head count would be nice. We have 7 at last count. See you Thursday.

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