Monday, November 15, 2021

11/11/21 BPMS Zoom Mini Meeting Report

Fourteen people attended the meeting. Mark shared photos from the Air Force Museum in Dayton and, for no particular reason, we spent several minutes on the difference between Staten Island natives and Staten Island residents. The LI Miniature Collector Society will hold its 2021 show at the Freeport Rec Center on 11/19/21 (6-9pm) an 11/20/21 (9-4pm). Three new releases from Lion Roar: 1/144 B-52G and Su-27B, 1/72 F-14 B Bombcat. Watch for Academy's 1/32 F-4 E Phantom. In progress and completed work included: 1/5 Witch figure, "Tiger Meet" A 7-H Corsair 2, Zero 2 seat target tug conversion, FW Triebfl├╝gel, I-16 (Finnish markings, skis), P1 Y Frances, AML-60 armored car, Galaxy Quest diorama, Marlene Dietrich figure, and River Tam figure. This week's first tool was a jar and bottle opener suitable for hobby paint (and larger) jars. It's from Micro Mark but similar openers are available elsewhere. If you need something bigger, look for a Gilhoolie Jar Opener. The second tool was a blunt tip syringe. We'll save the details for another time. 
Airbrushes were the featured topic. We saw the Sparmax Flyer, a single action brush where the nozzle is on the bottle (it doesn't use cups). When you want to change colors, change the bottle. Each bottle can be adjusted for proper flow and there's no chance of color contamination. We'll have a performance review shortly. The G233 Set from Master Airbrush was also recommended. It comes with 3 tips, 0.1 mm, 0.2 and 0.5mm. and is reasonably priced. The inexpensive airbrushes designed for use on fingernails are handy (couldn't help it) to have around. Of course, the Paasche H still has a lot of fans. 
Next meeting is 11/18/21 at 8 pm. Invites to follow. Since there's no meeting on Thanksgiving Day, we'll have one on the following day. Details to follow. 


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